Cover Your House Didn't what.

Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

  • Things to watch out for when AGENTS come to knock
  • Should you relist your home at all, let alone with me or with any other agent?
  • How did the MARKET react last time? What has changed?
  • In real estate, price isn’t always the issue, but it’s always a solution...that too many agents go straight for, rather than analyzing what else it could’ve been. Don't be so quick to just DROP YOUR PRICE.
  • Your first TWO WEEKS back on the market are very important...and very telling.  There are signals to be aware of.

And so much more...

So while it isn’t the craziest or worst thing in the world for your house to have expired (it happens to a lot of people), it certainly is in your best interest to do it right the next time around...and ideally as fast as possible without your days on market getting too high. We take a quick look at what happened, what could happen, assess the opportunity and go from there.  This is an easy to read guide that will help you make the decision on what to do next.

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