Neighborhood Sales

First rule of selling your home...ignore Zillow.

The real estate market is ever changing, and so are home prices.  Sellers need to remember that a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it....and Zestimates mean pretty much nothing.  According to Zillow, in 2019 less than 1/3 of homes in all of South Carolina sold within 5% of their Zestimate.  Why?  Well, not only is the data calculated often inaccurate, but Zillow knows nothing specific about your individual home including any changes or improvements that have made.  And the same goes for the houses it's comparing yours to.  So don’t get too giddy when Zillow tells you your house has appreciated 40 percent or too depressed when it tells you the opposite.

To really understand what your home is worth, we start and compare locally.  We look at what homes are selling for you in your neighborhood and then take into consideration things like the year it was built, condition of the home and view of the property...all things appraisers will make adjustments for.  To get your baseline and know what homes in your neighborhood are currently selling for, fill out the form below.